divr is a trio consisting of Philipp Eden (piano), Raphael Walser (bass), and Jonas Ruther (drums). Their practice is based on real-time composing, where the strengths and idiosyncrasies of each individual player are channeled and amplified in the process. In other words, their music is based around the exploration of sonic interdependencies, framed by the practice of mindfulness and deep listening. The group revels in the beauty of risk taking and human fallacy — in music and life. Their playing is multi-directional and always in accord with the specifics of space and temporality, which includes the specific frequency of an audience. Interfacing with diver is like playing with liquid mercury. The substance morphs continuously; it can be fragmented, but it never loses its fundamental qualities. In the case of diver, these qualities are a flowing and interweaving rhythmicism, Wong-Kar Wei-like moods of different shades and intensities; and the feeling that you, as a listener, are privy to a heartfelt conversation.

Albumrelease "Is This Water" 2. Februar 2024 on We Jazz Records
Bandcamp, Produced and mixed by Dan Nicholls