JENNY is a swiss based band featuring trumpeter Lukas Thoeni, saxophonist Florian Egli, pianist Philipp Eden, bassist Raphael Walser and drummer Jonas Ruther. They play the kind of jazz which has its roots deep in the tradition. Driving swing and melodic improvisations fill the venue with the energy you need to turn
your day into night-life.

The Band doesn’t want to boycott the Internet, but they will fill the content of their online appearance with what it deserves. Therefore you will not be able to hear any music or see any concert videos. If you want to experience the music of JENNY,
you will need to go out, meet people, have a drink, feel your body moving, turn off your brain and celebrate life!

If you are interested in booking JENNY for a show in your jazz club, please get in touch with us and get music and video material delivered:

Order Vinyl Album "Sound for the moon" here